General FAQs
Why is the difference between swing signals, long-term signals and custom signals?
We offer different subscription packages depending on the investor goals and needs.

Some investors are interested in quick trades, thus they would buy swing signals. While other investors are interested in more longer term signals, they would get long-term signals.

Swing signals are typically signals we send out to make a profit within a few week period.

Long-term signals are typically signals we send out to get into a stock and hold for 1-2 quarters or longer. This is for investors who don't have time to deal with stocks on a daily or weekly basis, but want to get into a stock and just hold for some time.

Custom signals are stocks you create your own list on, and then they are run through our algorithms to determine buy and sell points. Keep in mind that after you build a list of stocks, they will appear on the home screen, ONLY AFTER our algorithms determine they are a buy. Sometimes a few days may pass until something appears. We rather be extra careful in sending out signals to avoid losses.

Do you offer a FREE Trial?
Yes of course! We believe in allowing our customers to try before you buy! We are very confident in our services and our reviews match that!
We offer FREE Trials at different points....
How long do signals take to hit their targets?
Depending on market conditions and the type of signals you are referring to.

Swing signals, on average take 2-4 weeks to hit their targets; Although, sometimes they hit their targets within 1-2 days.

I got into a stock at the BUY price, but I am down on it. When do I sell?
Stocks go up and down. That is how they work. Its impossible to time the market.

Each signal we send has a SELL Profit price and a STOP Loss price. This helps guide you on when to get out of a position.

Its best to follow the guidance of our app which tells you when to SELL for PROFIT or LOSS. We also send out different announcements which guide you on if you should increase your positions.

Patience is key to make money in the stock market.
It has been a few days and I have not received any new signals? Why?
Signals are sent based on several factors such as market conditions, and probability of the signal reaching profits. Before we send out any signal, they go through our AI algorithms and then get verified again by our veteran traders. Unless we feel that the signal has a high probability of success, we will not send it out.

We rather you make money than get in on a trade which will be a lossing trade. Especially since many subscribers trust us and our success rate has been phenomenal, we tend to keep it that way.

I bought custom signals, but can not see them anywhere?
After you build a list of stocks in your custom signals screen, they are added to our monitoring systems, so our AI algorithms can determine their buy and sell points.

When our AI algorithms determine they are a buy, you will get notified and they will be listed on your home screen.

Again, we are very careful in what signals we send out, so do not be alarmed if you do not get the signals in some period of time.

Subscriptions & Billing
How do I cancel my subscription?
Since you purchased your subscription via iTunes, to cancel follow the steps below:

1) Open the Settings app
2) Scroll down to "iTunes and App Store"
3) Tap Your AppleID Email
4) Select "View AppleID" (You may be asked to log in)
5) Tap "Subscriptions"
6) Select the Stocks Alerter subscription
7) Tap "Cancel Subscription" to disable it from auto-renewing at the end of the current billing cycle

I want a refund! What can I do?

Here at Stocks Alerter, we don't have access to iTunes subscription details to cancel or refund those purchases.

Since you purchased the subscription via iTunes, you will need to contact them in order to get a refund.

Please contact Apple iTunes Customer Support directly at
How can I upgrade my subscription?

To upgrade your subscription, you may do the following:

Cancel your existing subscription and then immediately subscribe to the NEW one. Cancellations are handled via your iTunes account.

The new subscription will take affect the following day after cancellation of existing subscription.

Alternatively, you can wait until the current subscription ends, and then immediately subscribe to the new one.

Why was I charged for the trial? I thought it was FREE?

If you purchased a FREE Trial, then indeed it is FREE. However, as indicated at the time of purchase, the FREE trial is for a certain amount of days. After the FREE trial ends, iTunes will automatically bill you for the month.

If you wish to cancel or refund, please see "how do i cancel or refund" in support.
I purchased the subscription but can not see any signals!
First off, we thank you for becoming a subscriber and are confident you will enjoy our services.

To diagnose the issue and resolve it, requires determining which subscription you purchased:

If you purchased Swing Signals, then you should see the swing signals in the "Swing Signals "screen.

Depending on the package you purchased will determine how many "open signals" you will see.

Irrelevant of the package you purchased, you should be able to tap on an "open signal" and then see a Signal Details screen containing a BUY, SELL and STOP LOSS Price. If you see this, then you are all good to go!

If when you tap on the open signal and you are presented with a subscription screen, it can mean either a) you did not purchase a swing signals package, or b) some iTunes payment error occurred with your payment method (i.e. credit card). Please check if you received a receipt from Apple containing the successful payment.
Other Questions?
Should there be any questions you may have which are not covered in these articles and require further support, you may contact us on Facebook Messenger @stockalerterapp